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As you may be aware when we come back in the New Year there will be a few changes to the way we ship goods to Europe and Northern Ireland.

If you currently ship out of the UK or may do so at anytime in the future this change affects you.

See the copy of the poster for the Trader Support Service which gives some information in the upcoming changes and offers assistance for shipping or receiving into Northern Ireland.

If you have a GB EORI number you will also need to apply for an XI EORI number for shipping to NI – for more info and to apply for a GB EORI number click here.

In order assist in getting prepared for the changes that are coming and to help speed up the process please can you send in the following with any orders that will be leaving the UK (including NI)

  1. Commercial Invoice. Consignor Address & EORI number/ Consignee Address & EORI number / Invoice Number / Commodity code for each item on the Invoice / Country of Origin for each item on the invoice / Description, Quantity, Cost and currency / Buyer’s PO number / Method of Shipment / INCOTERMS® 2020 / Where from and going to / Signed with Blue Ink & Company Stamp on top of the Signature.
  2. Detailed packing list. List each item contained in the package / package dims and weight / Gross and Nett weights per item / Any shipping marks that relate to the package / Signed with Blue Ink and Company Stamp on top of the Signature.
  3. Advise us if the goods are on the controlled list – As these will require additional paperwork, Certificates and or Licences, and will need to be dealt with differently. To identify if a product that is being shipped would attract any special tariff please check here

This is a learning curve for all of us and we are here to help as much as we can so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to assist and resolve any queries.